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about us

We are not just another cloth brand that makes the same shit like everyone, we believe and support art; Art from unknown artists that try to make a living doing what they really love. Every time you buy one of our products you are supporting that artist to continue chasing their dreams.

You are not just buying a product you are buying a unique piece of art that is only made for you.

We are a really cloth brand that focus on art and quality, unlike other brands that only focus on massive production and psychological persuasion to take as much money as they can from you, we just focus on give you a unique piece of art, from real artists.

Every of our illustrations (or products) are made in a limited stock of 100 pieces, that can be choose in a variety of supports such as: tee, crop top, longsleeve, tank, polo, hoodies, poster or mug. Making it as unique as you are.

our values

  • Being ourselves
  • Being humble
  • Believing on art
  • Trusting on artist
  • But most importantly being weird
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