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cartoon style shit illustration with a unique style that look awesome, with big eyes like bob square pants, that make you shine everywhere, is a limited edition as all our illustrations are limited to 100 pieces, so what are you waiting for have yours?

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grulla (crane) how is call in Spanish, is a unique bird that you can distinguish as soon as you see one, in this unique illustration the artist create a cartoon version of this bird, with a particular style, that goes from the colours to the vector style, as always only 100 pieces.

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we all know our incredible arachnid superhero, like us is a teenage that love to make jokes and antics, in this case he just still a piece of chicken, but being serious who doesn't like chicken?, well except our vegetarian friends.

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are U thinking in mythological animals? Probably you should think in baphomet, is a vibrant, colourful illustration of a goat with 3 eyes, and a sweet smile. 

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we All know those traditional Asian toys, but in this case we have one in particular a little bit groom, serious, and always ready to fight, is better that you don’t bother him .

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 our Punky shark is as rebel as you can imagine, always going against the system and doing what ever he wants. He is the guitarist of a famous hard rock band call “the oceanist” with his rude style and tattoos make him unique as you.

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Dark girl

a beautiful dark girl, that loves punk and tattoos, can look so rude but on the inside is the sweetest girl ever, with her unique style can’t pass unnoticed.

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  • being weird,is a limited edition.

being weird,is a limited edition.